Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. – A boy and a girl making pottery and drinking maple lattes in the woods of Vermont

You know those super couples?  They’re made up of two dynamos in their own right, but when they come together, they have super powers.  Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw are one of those super couples.

They met in 2013 and six months later were married.  They spent the beginning of their lives together living in a vintage Airstream trailer they renovated together in Seattle.  That’s when we started following them on Instagram (then known as Tin Can Homestead).  We instantly became obsessed with their simple, pared down lifestyle, Scandinavian design aesthetic and gorgeous ceramics.

A year and a half ago, Natasha and Brett sold their Airstream and landed in Burlington, VT to establish a homestead in a grove of maples trees – a cottage and a ceramics studio – to begin a new life and new venture.

Natasha reflected back on their first winter, “Our daily winter chores were chopping and stacking wood, shoveling snow, and hauling water from our well. We even tapped our maple trees this spring and made maple syrup.”

Sugarhouse Ceramics Co. was born from a love of illustration & design that Natasha brings from her former life as a designer at Anthropologie and her current side-hustle as a studio artist. Brett brings to the table his love of business and well-made goods, as well as a splash of perfectionism and good craftsmanship.

Their products are both slab built and thrown on a wheel.  Their diverse line includes mugs, whisky tumblers, garden markers, cheese boards, spouted bowls, match strikers, jewelry and paint palettes.


Natasha and Brett’s homestead has been featured in Dwell and Design Sponge.  You MUST check these articles out!  Such inspiration to live so simply and beautifully.

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