Half + Half Design: the left + right brain behind our brand

Don’t cha just love being friends with really, really talented people who happen to be so nice and fun to work with?

I met Sarah Johnson-Markve, the woman behind Half + Half Design, two lifetimes ago, it feels like.  We became acquaintances working at a Minneapolis travel incentive company.  After I had my son, left the company, got divorced and moved into my new home, we discovered we lived across the alley from each other in south Minneapolis!  I swear if you mapped our brains, you’d find they function exactly the same.  We both love to think creatively, but in an orderly fashion.

Sarah’s idea of fun is creating just the right logo for a company or searching for the perfect font to use on a menu. She also loves the satisfaction of designing a detailed, yet beautiful form.

She admits that she needs things all nice and tidy, and she blames her left-brain for that. This results in a  glorious twist cone of swirling analytical, intuitive, concrete and abstract flavors!

So when I had a name and vision for Dog Love Repeat, she was the first person I contacted.  I’ve worked several years for a masterbranded Fortune 500 corporation and have worked really closely with that brand.  It’s where I’m comfortable.  When the daunting question of “Where to start?” came upon me, I defaulted to this aspect of my business.

I think one of the many reasons Sarah is so good at her job is she is a superb listener.  She pokes and prods…trying to get at the heart of the very essence of your vision.  She also challenges you – thinking of aspects that could affect the execution, the perception, the daily living with the brand.  And of course there were times where I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted…the old adage that you sometimes don’t know what you want until you see what you don’t want.  So she played, pushed the envelope, gave me options.

I think for me, the biggest challenge was aiming for a fun, colorful and whimsical vibe without it feeling juvenile.  I wanted a touch of sophistication and understatement.  Sarah nailed it and then some, in my opinion.  I hope you all feel the same way when you receive your package wrapped up with Half + Half Design’s fingerprints all over it!

Let us know what you think of our brand by commenting below or drop us a line at hello@dogloverepeat.com


Kristin + Trixie

Candy colored packaging and stationery

The quote design element is an integral part of our brand

Custom-designed wall paper in The Dog House, our studio

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  1. Kerry Oliver
    Kerry Oliver says:

    One thing I love about your brand is the details of the logo! The font, colors, and pattern are fun and yet precise! Kudos to you and Sarah for coming up with it!

    • Kristin Trudeau
      Kristin Trudeau says:

      Thank you, Kerry! Picking the right typeface, I found, was a tricky thing. There was an iteration before this one that we eventually revised after walking away from it for awhile (which I highly recommend!) Was looking a little too Pottery Barn Kids to me. SO happy we didn’t rush it.


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