Elizabeth Graeber: the artist behind our custom illustrated fabrics

Our custom illustrated Dylan Bandanas featuring bananas, clementines and squirrels, among other whimsical prints, is the work of one our most treasured collaborators, Elizabeth Graeber.

We are so lucky to have stumbled upon this incredibly talented and prolific artist from Washington DC!  Her clients include Alice + Olivia, Warby Parker, Whole Foods, Papyrus, Washington Post, Wildsam Field Guides, Workman Books and many more!

Spring 2017 collection for Alice + Olivia

NY Times Best Seller!

Our collaboration first started when we were developing our website with the intention that it would be a fun, joyful experience.  We felt bringing in some simple little animations might give a little sparkle and an unexpected twist.  Elizabeth created our favorite animation of Trixie, our brand ambassador, and it just snowballed from there!  You can find her animations sprinkled throughout our website.

Not only is she an artist, but she’s dog-obsessed (just like we are!) and mom to Chickpea and Willow.

Chickpea and Willow relaxing on a towel featuring one of Elizabeth’s original illustrations!

We’d love to know which fabric prints and animations are your favorite!  Drop us a line and tell us all about it at hello@dogloverepeat.com


Kristin + Trixie

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