Wear Wag Repeat: a blog for stylish dog moms

A month or so after we launched in May 2017, I came across the blog, Wear Wag Repeat, founded by Tori Mistick.  Of course I was first struck by how similar our business names were and immediately thought, ‘I bet we have some similarities.’  Indeed we did.

Tori’s blog started in 2013 as a place to share her personal style, great photos of her dog and lifestyle tips. She tries to have as much fun as she can every day and to enjoy life as much as her dog, Lucy, does. She is the quintessential renaissance woman with expertise in social media, event planning, modeling, acting and community organizing.  Her DIY ideas are so fantastic – ranging from creating frozen watermelon dog treats to fabricating floral back drops for your dog photos.

Fast forward 10 months and I find myself chatting with Tori via Skype about Dog Love Repeat for Wear Wag Repeat’s Episode 18 podcast.  I had never talked in person with Tori before this interview, but it felt like we were old friends chatting on the sofa.  She was so relatable and her questions were so insightful…many aimed to give insight to listeners who have similar entrepreneurial dreams or aspirations, on how to make those a reality.

It’s such an honor to be featured, especially among many amazing women all over the world who are inspired by the joy, fun and pure love that their dogs bring to their lives. These women have named their companies after their pups, created products to help them, and raised money to help other pets in need.  Take a listen below at how the conversation went down, then be sure to check out other inspiring stories and the women behind them.

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