We feel so fortunate to have hooked up with Dog Threads – a family-owned business in Minneapolis, MN founded by Scott & Gina Davis. Known for specializing in human-like apparel for our furry loved ones, they share our passion for giving back as well!  A portion of their proceeds goes to Secondhand Hounds, and fabric scraps from production goes to stuff animal beds that are donated to animal shelters.

Matching Hawaiian Print Shirts for Dogs and Humans  

Thomas, their now 10 year-old pup, was the inspiration for Dog Threads.  This lucky pooch had shirts created just for him by Gina & Scott – shirts that fit his human-like qualities.  From there, Dog Threads was born in 2014.

We understand Thomas’ journey is quite an interesting one. Trixie sat down with Thomas and had a few questions for him…

Trixie: Hi Thomas.  I feel like we’re kindred spirits and we both lead a pretty nice life.  Were you born in Minnesota?

Thomas: Look, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns from the beginning. I was born in Los Angeles (what a coincidence, I was born in “the city of angels”) back in 2007. That makes me ten years old. Back then, there were puppy boutiques all over California, catching the eye of my mom… she was one of those humans that couldn’t help herself from petting every puppy possible. She went to this particular puppy boutique every weekend just to get her furry fix… never with the intention to buy a designer dog for thousands of dollars. Let’s be honest, she was just a broke design student looking for a free puppy cuddle.

Anyway, I was loungin’ in this fancy infant-like crib one day when she came in for the hundredth time. This was the magical moment that changed both of our lives forever. The dude filling my water bowl told her I was on sale because someone returned me — who knows if that was true (likely story) or maybe he could just see our connection. Either way, we both knew she was taking me home. I guess I won her heart with this wild mane of mine. Nowa days she believes in rescuing dogs from shelters over breeding, but thankfully she wasn’t aware of how important this was back then, because I needed a home too.

Trixie: That is such a cool story!  When did your dad come into the picture?

Thomas: It was 2010 when my mom met my dad. We weren’t fast friends – I had to make sure he was a good boy, but there we are countless belly rubs later and now we’re inseparable. He taught me fetch, cuts my hair and never gets upset when I make mistakes. Oh yeah, and he also gave me my start in the fashion biz.

Trixie: Wow, he sounds like an awesome dad – you’re so lucky.  How did the fashion biz thing start?

Thomas:  Look, I like to dress nice. Some people think I act too human-like but I say, just because I’m a dog doesn’t mean I want rhinestones or studs on my shirt, okay? My dad got that, so he finally asked my mom (who designs clothes and stuff) to make me my own shirts. Other pups started asking where I got my threads, so I figured I better make more. I kept designing plaid shirts, cardigans and my favorite Hawaiian prints shirts for BBQ parties. We started selling them in lots of stores to help fashionistas like me across the world.

Trixie: And now I have a shirt named after me because my mom partnered with your mom & dad!  You can’t make this stuff up!

Thomas: Right on!  Now I’m living in Minnesota managing my fashion label and directing the humans that work for me. We have a lot of fun at Dog Threads and I get plenty of nap breaks, which is great. Oh, and my dream closet just keeps growing. On top of all that, I’ve met countless friends that continue to brighten my days through their rad outfit pics on Instagram. You guys keep us inspired.


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