When we heard about the benefits of raw honey for dogs, we were anxious to give K9 Honey a whirl.  K9 Honey is a family-owned company specializing in harvesting 100% unfiltered raw honey.  Combining their love for dogs and honeybees, they launched K9 Honey ~ “Nectar For The Dogs”  to promote holistic wellness and vitality.

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This delicious food topper and treat is infused with bee pollen sourced from nine geographic regions throughout the USA – this is K9 Honey’s secret sauce!  Super cool fact – K9 Honey partnered with the Arizona Humane Society for wound care!

Did you know raw honey…

  • calms your dog’s digestive system?
  • is a natural energy booster?
  • decreases symptoms of Kennel Cough?
  • improves dogs’ immune systems?
  • reduces sensitivities to environmental allergens?
  • is a natural antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial and has even been used as an effective wound dressing for burns, infections, hot spots and pressure sores?

For more details, check out this informative video.

K9 Honey provides a recommended serving size according to the weight of your dog.  Our brand ambassador, Trixie, receives 1/2 tsp. per day, and I found the easiest way to give this to her was to dip her treats in it.  Oh, did she love the added bonus of the honey! Major tail wags were going on!

Check out K9 Honey and order from their website!  And if you’re looking for some treats to dip in the honey, check out our selection by Henry’s Handcrafted!

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