Dog Love Repeat loves dogs and humans who love them and believes in giving back.  We are thrilled to launch our heartfelt collaboration today with Kelly Wearstler, renowned L.A. interior designer, lifestyle brand maverick and dog mom to Willie.

[av_image src=’×300.jpg’ attachment=’2310′ attachment_size=’medium’ align=’left’ styling=’circle’ hover=” link=” target=” caption=” font_size=” appearance=” overlay_opacity=’0.4′ overlay_color=’#000000′ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ animation=’no-animation’ custom_class=” admin_preview_bg=” av_uid=’av-3kw6iq’][/av_image]Willie came into Kelly’s life and stole her heart, thanks to Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) whose mission is to help create a future where animals are no longer killed in America’s shelters.

In partnership with Henry’s Handcrafted, we’ve created Willie’s Bites, cheddar and apple lip-shaped ( ! ) treats – a motif Kelly uses in her brand.  We are proud to announce that 25% of net proceeds from the sales of Willie’s Bites supports dog rescue, adoption and no-kill shelters to give other dogs a chance to find their forever home like Willie.

Trixie, our brand ambassador, and Willie had the chance to sit down and compare notes…both being rescue dogs and all.  We eavesdropped, and here is how the conversation went…

Trixie: We seem to have a lot in common, Willie.  We were both lucky enough to be rescued and adopted by loving families.  I was found abandoned in a ditch in Northern Minnesota with my four brothers.  What was your life like before your mom met you?

Willie: My memory is a little hazy but I remember being at the East Valley Shelter, when I first found my forever home, or what I thought was my forever home. After two weeks, I was back at the shelter. I’m not really sure why they returned me, but there I was again, scared and alone. I heard whispers that my days were numbered. Next thing I know, Best Friends Animal Society had come to my rescue to take me to some fabulous Hollywood party. Best Friends made sure I was dressed to impress in a pink cable knit sweater, and thank God, because I found myself surrounded by all of these glamorous looking people, including my soon-to-be-mom, Kelly Wearstler. The event was a fundraiser at her boutique in West Hollywood, and when we locked eyes, I knew I’d finally found my forever home.

Trixie: Wow, that’s a pretty amazing story with such a happy ending! What are your favorite things to do and places to go?

Willie: I loooooove the dog park. I go everyday with my brothers Rigby and Javier. Joy rides in Mom’s car are another favorite. There’s nothing more liberating than sticking your head out the window! I get so excited when I’ve got my head out the window and I spot the ocean out in the distance. It means we’re on our way to the Malibu house. I love that house. My family is super sporty. We love doing beach runs, going on hikes, playing fetch. The activities are endless in Malibu.

Trixie: I love to stick my head out of the car window too!  I’d like to go to that Malibu place some day. What is a day in the life of Willie like?

Willie: There’s no typical day in the life of Willie.  Some days I go to work with Mom. I like to play this game in the office where I see how many of her employees I can trick into giving me a treat by staring at them with my big round eyes. Then other days I just stay home and run around with Javier and find the sunny spots in the house to nap in.

Trixie: Yes, sunny spots are the best places to nap, aren’t they?  What would you say is your best trait?

Willie: Definitely my eyes. I may not be able to speak human, but I can adequately express how I’m feeling with a single look. Oh, and I’m very cuddly.


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